Friday, April 6, 2012

Hoodies for Humanity

Approximately Six-hundred community members, activists, and students attended a March and rally March 31st in Downtown, Salt Lake City Utah. The title of the event was “Hoodies for Humanity” and was in support of justice for Trayvon Martin; a Florida youth who was brutally murdered by a racist vigilantly.

The march took place coincidentally on the same day that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “Mormons” held their annual general conference; a day when many out of town Mormons converge on Salt Lake City as part of their faith in the LDS religion (a religion with shameful history of racist anti-black bigotry). The route for the march went directly around the Mormon Church head-quarters/Temple Square then ended at the Salt Lake Downtown public library Amphitheater for a rally.

“Justice for Trayvon”, “No Justice No Peace”, and “Prosecute Zimmerman” were the main themes of the march.  Speakers at the rally focused on the struggles of the oppressed, and the fight against institutional racism in the U.S.

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