Friday, April 27, 2012

May 1st Rally -- Speakers Line-up

This years May 1st Rally will feature an array of local community activists & radical organizes.
The March & Rally is a product of the combined dedication of United for Social Justice, Revolutionary Students Union, SLC Industrial Workers of the World, Wasatch Socialist Party & many more.

The event will start around 5pm at the Utah State Capitol & will be hosted by Christine Leaming

Speakers will include  

Mindy Hatch -- community activist from United for Social Justice

Victor Puertas -- community activist from United for Social Justice the Anarchist Black Cross

Buddy Beck -- A long-time Socialist & Labor activist, who played a crucial role in helping the largely undocumented Co-op Mine workers, while they were locked-out and fighting for Union Representation back in 2003.
Josh West -- Has helped to build the Revolutionary Students Union at the campus of Utah Valley University.

Bryan Gutierrez & Raymi Gutierrez -- with the Salt Lake Dream team & Campaine for the American Dream.

Gregory Lucero -- With the revolutionary Students Union SLCC; Which is now engaged in a fight to keep the Cosmetology School from being cut from the curriculum at the Salt Lake Community College. 

Josh Belka -- From the International Stage Hands Union, local 99 & the Wasatch Socialist Party.

Daanish Khan
-- University of Utah Student from Pakistan and member of RSU
Justin Kramer -- Crucial in helping to organize Occupy Salt Lake and working with the A.L.E.C. Welcoming Committee.
Music By local radical song writer -- Kyle Wulle

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